Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Non-creativity in the city AND KICKING PEOPLE IN THE HEAD!

I have 2 things t talk about today.
First up: Bass Pro Shop is taking over the Pyramid.

We don't really know if that is the case yet but it looks like that may happen.

If you don't know, I live in Memphis, Tn. I know that most all city's have something to complain about. But this city is a trip. I swear. We have crime and underhanded politics that would give New York a run for it's money. The number one reason I think it is the way it is here is because of the lack of motivation to change. The city wants to be big time. There's a trolley here and the FedEx Forum. We have an NBA team. All of that is well and good. But, if you look deep down, The city is just small time at heart and all ways will be because of the way people in power think.

We have the Pyramid. A beautiful building that is a monument for the city. (Brief history: Memphis in Egypt used to sit on the Nile. Memphis in TN sits on the MISS. River. Egypt = Pyramid. Memphis Tn has a Pyramid.)

This could be pretty deep. It could be a place for culture. It could be a place to bring a little modern thought in the lives of the people here who crave something different. Instead, Bass Pro Shop ( a sporting goods store ) will most likely take over. No art. No culture. Only hunting and fishing.

I don't have anything against hunting, fishing or outdoorsmen. I don't have anything against Bass Pro Shop. Actually it's a pretty handy store. But, this is an opportunity to change the way Memphians see ourselves and the rest of the country sees us. But that's where the old thinking shines through. Leaving everyone else here that craves something new, different and potentially uplifting for the city stuck in our usual rut.

None creativity will kill a city.

Oh well. What can you say?

Alright. On to something happier; KICKING PEOPLE IN THE HEAD!!!
It is official. TONY JAA is the deadliest man in martial arts movies. I became a fan of him in Ong Bak. (If you haven't seen this movie, GRAB IT!!!) Last night I got to catch some of his newest movie TOM YUM GOONG. This movie's action is the BEEZ NEEZ I tell ya. Since the dvd skipped around and crap, I didn't get to see all the movie. But I got to see the action. Tony Jaa must pay his stunt men overtime because he was killing them.

For your enjoyment, I have put a small short here. Take a look.
I'm sure you will enjoy!!!!


At 10:01 PM, Blogger Erik said...

Ong Bak made my head hurt, the action was so excellent. But even more than that was watching the live demonstration, showing that no, impressive flying through the air vis a vis martial arts doesn't always require the use of wires.

The man astounds me. (And being comic-geek for a moment, while watching more than one of the fights it was easy to envision a live action Nightwing.)

More than one person has recommended me the further adventures of Tony Jaa, and man, I'm up for it.

As far as Memphis, never been there myself. Interesting perspective you have on it -- but hey, you're a resident, that's to be expected.

At 8:07 AM, Blogger saltygirl said...

yeah. using the pyramid as a bass pro shop is like using a new mac computer as a paperweight. way to suck, memphis. way to suck.

i read somewhere that tony jaa was robin shu's stuntman in mortal kombat 2.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Arnita Williams said...

Hey Martheus-

Love your blog:) That video clip is off the chain!!!!!! Like Whoa:0
Tony Jaa is the Sh!t
I'm amazed at his crazy mad skills. I got a lotta practicing to do. Just to get the basics down. Anyhow I'm lovin that handstand multiple kick. He makes it look so natural. Can you do that. I gotta get in shape to get in shape to do that and perhaps after a few years of training. LOL

I definitely feel ya on Memphis. It's pretty tired. I try to surround my self with positive people with bright and fascinating ideas and kick naysayers to the curb. I guess Memphis is coming along slowly but surely. But too slow for me. I like movers and shakers not losers and fakers.


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