Thursday, December 22, 2005


There is a lot about me that has changed in my short 30 years of life. But one thing has always remained. That is my love of the martial arts. I love the martial arts. Along with drawing comics, martial arts is right up there. So when I found this funny little gem I had to share it with everyone. (Or all 3 people that read this blog. However you want o look at it.)

If you visited my message board, you saw me write a little thing about one of my favorite 80's martial arts movies, Ninja 3 the Domination.

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Now, this was not the best movie in the world. Actually, it's rather funny. But, it was a fun movie that first taught me how sexy a scantily clad ninja woman could be. (Hmm. Maybe that's where the idea.... nahhh!) The actress Lucinda dickey went on to be in such great movies as Breakin' 1 and 2.

Which brings me to my next point.
One of my favorite martial artists from the 80-90's was Jean Claude VanDamn. I look back on that and I ask myself why, but nevertheless, he was. I first saw him in NO RETREAT. NO SURRENDER (which is classic cheesiness in all it's 80's glory) and followed by such hits as KICKBOXER, BLOODSPORT, BLACK EAGLE... the list goes on and on.

So, here is my parting gift to you for the new year.
But first a question:

Jean Claude Van Dam and Lucinda dickey both in Breakin' the movie TOGETHER!!!!

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That's right! Here is the connection in photographic proof. The VAN DAMINATOR is in the background showing off his killer movies and.... who is that in the foreground about to take the center stage in a hip-hop dance off??
LUCINDA "The ninja"!!!! The woman who played the evil ninja in NINJA 3 THE DOMINATION. If that's not enough, check out some of Jean Claude's awesome dance moves.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Still at work!!

I'm supposed to have 2 weeks off. (Notice the word "supposed".)
I was really looking forward to having the 2 weeks because this is the only time the entire year that I get to take a vacation and do nothing at all. Well... I do get to work on comic book stuff. But for me that's not working. That's relaxing.

Anyway, a big project (that was supposed to be to the design agency I work for in November) reared it's ugly head last Friday. This is a huge book that , at the minimum, would take a few weeks to plan. I have 2 days to design it and less time to get it approved. Guess when they need it. January 9th. So there you have it. My vacation is gone. To make matters worse, I'm still sitting here waiting to get info from them to begin work.

Needless to say, I hate this client. I hate them because they have no concept of what a schedule is. As long as one person is making everything work (usually me) they could care less. But, I bet they are going to take vacations and get all the rest that they need in order to make my life a creative disaster. The bad part about this is that the client is a church.

Makes me want to pick up the key board to my computer and begin to flip tha' hell out.


Sorry about that.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Web Story is up!

If you have never gone over to my main site at TOSHIGAWA.COM, you probably have never read our free web comics.

In addition to the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa graphic novels that you can buy in stores and online, I publish free web comics on my web site that delve deeper into the world of Jetta. These comics usually have guest writers and artist that give their take on our universe of comics. This way, if you like a character or want to find out more info, chances are that you will find a story for you.

Well, we have a new one up and running.

For all you blood lovers, this one is for you. If you like the character Terminus, this one is for you. Written by Jay Davis and illustrated by Stanley Weaver Jr, this story finds Terminus smack in the middle of a gang on ninja assassins. Check it out on our main site at .

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I'm sick.
I have to finally admit it.
I have a cold.
I hate being sick. It takes so long for me to completely get rid of it and it knocks me out of commission for days. And I blame it all on one person.

True Story.

A few years ago, I went up to Animax ( a local anime video store ) to grab some videos and say hello to my friend Julie. Little did I know that Julie was sick. She had some sort of "Super Cold" and was still at work. I asked was she alright and she replied, (with coughs and chokes)"Yeah. I'm great." Anyway, I get back to my dorm room and the Julie Sickness took me over. I missed 3 days of class trying to kick the cold to the curb.

Fast forward to this Monday.

On my lunch break, I went up to Animax to see what was new. To my surprise, Julie was there. And she was sick. "Are you alright?", I asked. "Sure. It's just a sinus problem. I'm great." Well, I get home and I have a scratchy throat and I feel the "Super Cold" all over again. I went to sleep last night at 7:15pm. And I slept the whole night. The bad part about it is I can't take off for another 2 weeks. I will just have to deal with it in my office.

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"She smiles. But she is deadly. deadly I tell you."

I hope Janet, my wife, doesn't get it from me. When Julie Sickness mutates into Janteitus, it will come back to me twice as strong. Dog and Cats will sleep together and all hell will break loose.